Pallets-Premium Longleaf Pine Straw

Pallets-Premium Longleaf Pine Straw


$11.99/per bale + shipping & handling (this includes freight, palletizing and shrink-wrapping)

Are you considering buying several boxes of pine straw? If you need 3 or more boxes of pine straw, purchasing a pallet is more cost efficient.

Who should purchase a pallet of pine straw?

  • If you need pine straw but there is not a distributor in your area

  • If you need a specific number of pine straw bales for a small or large project

  • If you are planning to purchase several smaller boxes of pine straw

Let us customize a pallet order of Longleaf Pine Straw Mulch for you. Now you can have pine straw mulch no matter where you live. We will tailor the number of bales that you need and you don’t need to order wholesale volumes. Every landscape project varies in size, so we believe you should be able to order the exact number of bales your project requires at a price that you can afford.  

Complete the below form. Once received, we will email you a comprehensive quote for your specific project.  Residential and commercial pallet orders are available (lift-gate service is available at all locations).

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Premium Longleaf Pine Straw (aka Pine Needle) adds a unique texture to any landscape. This natural mulch has inherent weed deterrent characteristics, insulates tender root structures, retains moisture in the soil and around plants better than hardwood mulches and is easy to install/spread. Longleaf Pine Straw does not wash away during a heavy rain like a hardwood mulch, deters mold and fungus and Pine Straw interlocks and adheres well to hillsides and slopes allowing the water to pass through the needles. Longleaf Pine Straw can used in natural areas, flower beds, pathways, steep banks and sustainable landscape projects. These needles range in size from 8” to 14". All bales are hand ‘raked and shaked’ and manually baled in order to provide our customers with the cleanest product.

Orders typically ship within 48 hrs. and arrive within 2 to 4 days.

Strategically located in Pennsylvania our shipments are able to reach customers in New England, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic states more quickly than shipping from the South.

In order to comply with USDA Federal Guidelines, all of our Longleaf Pine Straw is inspected by Clemson University’s invasive species department to ensure our product complies with the USDA guidelines for shipping nursery stock from southern states. We are the only known Pine Straw Company to meet this requirement.