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Giving back to and preserving the environment is the foundation upon which our company was founded.  We are committed to continual natural resource conservation and stewardship of all lands. The pine straw you purchase is produced by The Longleaf Pine Tree (Pinus palustris).  The Longleaf Pine once covered most of the southeastern United States from Florida to Virginia to Texas. This valuable tree provided the tar, pitch and turpentine, as well as the masts and timbers of the world’s sailing ships for over 200 years. Although reduced to less than 7% of its original range, The Longleaf Pine continues to produce the best and longest lasting pine straw mulch in the U.S.  The more demand that we create for Longleaf Pine Straw Mulch, the more Longleaf Pine Trees are planted. In 2018 through our partnership with the Longleaf Alliance, we donated 2,000 Longleaf seedlings to be planted.

We are the only Pine Straw/Pine Needle company to supply the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Mid-West that complies with Federal and State guidelines regarding the shipping of nursery stock from the Southeastern U.S.


Benefits of Pine Straw Mulch

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  • Natural weed deterrent

  • Adds a unique texture to any landscape design

  • A natural product for trees and plants that is high in nitrogen and gradually decomposes into a fertilizer

  • An environmental, conservation & ecology-minded mulch

  • Insulates tender roots from temperature extremes

  • Conserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation rates and moisture loss

  • Encourages water infiltration into the soil and reduces runoff

  • Eliminates erosion impact caused by wind and rain

  • Adheres well to slopes and does not wash away as easily as other mulches during heavy rain

  • Does not have to be removed before new application

  • Fresh straw can be placed atop old straw to revitalize color

  • Preferred by landscapers and homeowners because bales are easier to work with than hardwood bark mulches

  • Keeps some vegetables from forming mildew, mold, and rot

  • Uniform, neutral color that showcases flowers and plants

  • Retains moisture in the soil and around plants better than other mulches

  • Does not harbor artillery fungus or termites

  • Long lasting mulch that is easily spread 


Common Pine Straw Applications:

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  • Home & Commercial Landscapes, Universities, Parks and Golf Courses

  • Sustainable Landscape Projects

  • Flower Beds

  • Natural Areas

  • Pathways

  • Steep Banks

  • Pet Bedding

  • Fruit and Vegetable Beds

  • Xeriscape

  • Rain Gardens

We have Pine Straw in stock year-round


Delivery and Installation is available in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, District of Columbia and Virginia. 

Longleaf Pine Straw Mulch (aka Pine Needle Mulch) is an alternative to traditional hardwood bark mulches commonly found in the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Mid-West states.

Longleaf pine needles are unlike common pine needles found in the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Mid-West states.  Longleaf Pine Needles are grown and harvested in the Southeastern US. Longleaf needles are longer in length (8” to 14”) and individual  longleaf needles are denser due to a larger needle circumference than native white pine needles that are commonly found in the Northeastern US.