Benefits of Pine Straw Mulch

pine-straw-mulch-corner (1).jpeg
  • Natural weed deterrent

  • Adds a unique texture to any landscape design

  • A natural product for trees and plants that is high in nitrogen and gradually decomposes into a fertilizer

  • An environmental, conservation & ecology-minded mulch

  • Insulates tender roots from temperature extremes

  • Conserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation rates and moisture loss

  • Encourages water infiltration into the soil and reduces runoff

  • Eliminates erosion impact caused by wind and rain

  • Adheres well to slopes and does not wash away as easily as other mulches during heavy rain

  • Does not have to be removed before new application

  • Fresh straw can be placed atop old straw to revitalize color

  • Preferred by landscapers and homeowners because bales are easier to work with than hardwood bark mulches

  • Keeps some vegetables from forming mildew, mold, and rot

  • Uniform, neutral color that showcases flowers and plants

  • Retains moisture in the soil and around plants better than other mulches

  • Does not harbor artillery fungus or termites

  • Long lasting mulch that is easily spread