Large Box (24"x24"x24") of Premium Longleaf Pine Straw - FREE SHIPPING

Large Box (24"x24"x24") of Premium Longleaf Pine Straw - FREE SHIPPING


One large box will cover 200 Sq. Ft at a depth of 2”.

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Premium Longleaf Pine Straw (aka Pine Needle) adds a unique texture to any landscape. This natural mulch provides good weed deterrent characteristics, insulates tender root structures, retains moisture in the soil and around plants better than hardwood mulches and is easy to spread. Longleaf Pine Straw does not wash away during a heavy rain like a hardwood mulch, Pine Straw interlocks and adheres very well to hillsides or slopes allowing the water to pass through the needles. Longleaf Pine Straw can used in natural areas, flower beds, pathways, steep banks and sustainable landscape projects. These needles range in size from 8” to 17". All of our bales are hand raked and shook to provide our customers with the cleanest product.

Orders usually ship within 48 hrs and deliver within 2 to 4 days. Free Shipping within the Contigious United States.

Each box (24”x24”x24”) weighs approximately 34/lbs.

Being strategically located in Pennsylvania, this allows us to reach customers in New England, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic states sooner than shipping from the South.

In order to comply with USDA Federal Guidelines, all the Longleaf Pine Straw we ship has been inspected by Clemson University’s invasive species department to ensure our product complies with the USDA guidelines for shipping nursery stock from the southern states. We are the only known Pine Straw company to meet this requirement.